Services for Muggles

Perfect for any event, Josh will walk among your guests performing amazing close up miracles, inches before their eyes. Josh will perform effects utilizing cards, coins, bills, and even objects supplied by your guests! Guaranteed to make your event a hit, Josh will work side by side with you to make sure that your event is one for the books! Josh specializes in making sure every event is a memorable one! This kind of magic is also perfect for restaurants.

Close-Up Magic

Josh's 30 minute magic act will have your children laughing and full of joy! From small private parties, to fairs and carnivals, Josh will get each and every child involved with the show. Having years of experience with children, Josh knows how to handle an audience without losing control. Josh's magic will astound and amaze the kids, and the adults will find themselves getting sucked into the show as well! 

Kids Shows
Magic for Special Needs Individuals

Everyone should be able to enjoy magic, no matter who they are. Having worked with special needs individuals since he was a child, Josh has the ability to be able to do magic for everyone, no matter what challenges they face. With a working knowledge of American Sign Language, Josh is able to cross the language barrier to make sure your guests will be able to show. This is the show that flew Josh out to New York three years in a row to perform. Josh will make sure everyone has a great time!