"Delightful. F**king delightful!" - John Mulaney

"That's crazy, that's fantastic! You're obviously playing with the devil!" - Kenan Thompson

"Oh my gosh that's pretty good!" - Jim Gaffigan

"Awesome. Good job buddy, that's cool!" - Wilmer Valdarama

"That was really well done. That was really good!" - Bo Burnham

"Holy buggies. That’s something! Wow!" - John Ratzenberger

"The guy is good!" - Dean Edwards

"That was really good, that was JUST like David Blaine!" - Dave Filoni

"That was really funny dude, that was great. That rocked!" - Sam Witwer

"Shut the f**k up. What the f**k just happened?! How did you do that? That is incredible. You just blew my mind.

That's so awesome. That was like the coolest thing ever". - Jenna Marbles